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R&D Strength

◆Using our new molding foundry,we increase the self-developed found input.Be more efficient and speed up the new products development.
◆Keep up the step of the market,high speed of renovation,once new model came up,Mefine will collect and survey,under the team of 70 professional engineers.
◆Average 400 new models were developed each year,applied to more than 2000 abroad vehicles and 1500 kinds cars in domestic market,owned over 50 patents;
◆Initiate pioneered safety warning holes design brake disc in 2010.
◆Won several patents in 2015,two of them applied technical innovation:aluminum alloy brake disc、new steel column connection brake disc.The production technology reached the domestic advanced level,changed the traditional brake disc effect,and filled the gaps at domestic market.(New steel column connection brake disc,for example brake disc of BMW M5,performance and quality gain acceptance through bench test,this product filled the gaps at domestic market.)